Late Night Poem (Typewriter Noir)

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"Some days, I can't tell if I'm surrounded by shattered whiskey bottles, or the shards of my own broken heart"

The glass/bottle/whiskey was a real challenge to do in Marmoset. In the end, I have 2 meshes, 1 with an Add Transparency, and 1 with the Refraction. If you want more "volume" in the glass, you could add a Dither material to a 3rd mesh, or and an inside mesh with the normals flipped.

Lots of fun doing this one!
It's fun how you learn things when you are doing some objects. For example: Did you know that some typewriters didn't had the 1, 0 an ! keys, since 1 and 0 were respectively a lowercase L and a uppercase O.
! in the other hand was a dot ( . ) and a apostrophe ( ' ).

Poem by: B.Devine;

PS: Marmoset viewer doesn't support refraction, unfortunately :/
So I tried my best for glasses/whiskey.