Abandoned Pump Hall

Check for full Environment: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ba0qRo
Unreal 4 Portfolio Environment
Debris & foliage by Quixel Megascans
(C) 2019 cView Studios Ltd.

This awesome project would not be possible without:
Sayan Goswani, responsible for the whole environment.
Me for some Level Dressing, Shaders, VFX's & Blueprints;
Erik Simon for lighting;
Shashank Sharma for set dress help;
Anna Szefer for the industrial safety goggles asset;
And the rest of cView team!


For this project, I was responsible for the creation of shaders, vfxs and blueprint tools, and also level dressing
I've also helped with UE4 tricks and problems that appeared along the way.
Some of the special shaders created were:
- Floor with VP, wet puddles/pebbles;
- Z Projection Dust
- Wind for Foliage/Hanging tapes;
- Dirt Water;

As for BP's:
- Procedural Random Object Placement;
- Procedural Cable Creation;