Rupee Fever

Danilo paulo screenshot004

Random Rupees

Danilo paulo screenshot005

Green Rupees (based on emerald)

Danilo paulo screenshot006

Blue Rupees (based on sapphire)

Danilo paulo screenshot010

Red Rupees (based on ruby)

Danilo paulo screenshot009

Purple Rupees (based on amethyst)

Danilo paulo screenshot008

Orange Rupees (based on amber)

Danilo paulo screenshot011

Yellow Rupees (based on topaz)

Danilo paulo screenshot012

Silver Rupees

Danilo paulo screenshot007

Rupoors or Black Rupees (Based on Onyx)

Rupee Fever

Playing with the refraction shader in Marmoset.
And since I'm lazy, I've also done a python plugin that assigns a random material to my selected meshes :D

*Rupees are the currencies of "The Legend of Zelda" games.