PBR Stone Tile with Grass

Marmoset (No displacement unfortunatly :/)

Danilo paulo screenshot005

Sphere View

Danilo paulo wallpaper

Wallpaper style

Danilo paulo screenshot001

Toggled 2 parameters and got this happy accident!

Danilo paulo screenshot000

Variation #1

Danilo paulo screenshot006

Variation #2

Danilo paulo screenshot002

Variation #3

Danilo paulo screenshot001

Variation #4

Danilo paulo screenshot003

Variation #5 Wet

Danilo paulo breakdown

Albedo / Height / Normal / Roughtness / AO

Danilo paulo screenshot000

Old Variation I didn't like...But I learned a lot!

Training more Substance Designer.
Using all knowledge from tutorials I've seen!
Probably you can go in-engine and put some grass planes to help!