Janitor Room Environment

Janitor Room - Realtime Environment (Unreal Engine 4)

Some models

Danilo paulo screenshot00010

Main Shot (Daytime)

Danilo paulo screenshot00012

Outside (Daytime)

Danilo paulo screenshot00015

Behind Boxes (Daytime)

Danilo paulo screenshot00014

Behind Boxes 2 (Daytime)

Danilo paulo screenshot00013

Boxes (Daytime)

Danilo paulo screenshot00016

Main Shot (Night)

Danilo paulo screenshot00020

Boxes (Night)

Danilo paulo screenshot00021

Outside (Night)

Danilo paulo screenshot00022

Behind Boxes (Night)

Danilo paulo screenshot00017

Crime (Night)

Danilo paulo screenshot00018

Back (Night)

"Janitor Room"
Made in Unreal Engine 4, running at 120fps.
Modeled: Maya;
Texture: Substance Painter;

Tried to add a little story to it.

Didn't know this was a concept art for Heavy Rain.
Concept Art by François Baranger (http://www.francois-baranger.com/conceptart_heavy-rain-1.php)